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Music Around Town


When: Sun., March 4 2012

Just look at Bradford Cox on the cover of Atlas Sound's latest album, Parallax. Hair slicked back and lips kinda pouty as he cradles an old-fashioned microphone – the kind Frank Sinatra used to croon into back when your grandma was kinda hot -- against his cheek. He looks like one of those pop singers record-company suits fabricated in the '50s to hold back the inflowing wave of snotty rock & rollers. And in a way, it's a perfect image for Cox's side project. As frontman for Atlanta noisemakers Deerhunter, Cox can be abrasive, chaotic, and downright abusive with his aural assaults. Atlas Sound, on the other hand, is a chance for him to mellow out a bit, to hum dreamlike odes over soothing ripples of acoustic guitars, velvety synths, and tasteful bites of feedback and reverb. Parallax is the most polished of Atlas Sound's three albums and the most tuneful. But underneath the digital lullabies lurks a record that's way more solemn that anything those clean-cut guys in the '50s put out. Cox glides through Parallax with more deftness than he does on Deerhunter albums. But it's an illusion, a gentle fantasy that sells a different kind of noise to pop-music fans. With White Rainbows and Carnivores. 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $18, $16 in advance. – Michael Gallucci