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Here's how San Diego's Augustana describes itself on the band's MySpace page: "We drink, we smoke, we quit, we start again, we lie a lot, we dance, we cheat, we're sorry, we're faithful, we have kids, we have girlfriends, we're single, we're married, we're lost, we're alone, we're finally happy, we're finally home."

That says nothing, of course, but it also kind of says everything about Augustana's music, which boils the entire history of earnest, white-person pop down to a radio-ready soup; it's hard to imagine anyone -- especially fans of the Fray, Gavin DeGraw, and Coldplay -- finding this music unpalatable. On All the Stars and Boulevards, Augustana's debut, the band is whatever you want it to be: sensitive piano men, prom-night balladeers, spring-break party people, etc. Like the MySpace quote, the band's polished jangle wants to encompass the world, but sacrifices some flavor in the process.

Augustana fans with an extra-large appetite for the harmlessly generic should show up early for English openers Vega4; they play sleek, zippy pop-rock only a true Britpop aficionado could distinguish from something by Snow Patrol.

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