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Band of the Week: Nick D and the Believers



Meet the Band: Nick D'Andrea (vocals, keyboards), Kerry Henderson (guitar, vocals), Joseph Barker (drums)

Camaraderie: The band started last year after drummer Joseph Barker moved here from Minneapolis and worked with guitarist Kerry Henderson on a music video he was producing for singer-keyboardist Nick D'Andrea. "We just really clicked," says D'Andrea. "Joseph has a great ear for production. We quickly talked about how we wanted things to sound." Barker agrees. "One of the things that was cool for me was that we would practice for an hour or so and then sit and talk for two hours," says the veteran drummer who also plays in Bella Ruse, an indie rock duo, with his wife. "We just liked to hang out together. It was as simple as that."

All about the ep: Last September, the group put out its first EP; things have slowly snowballed since. "We didn't have any goals or hopes or aspirations," says Barker. "We discovered that the two of us did a lot of work in my home studio and created all this new stuff. We really liked recording that way. All three of us challenged our preconceptions about what's possible, and that allows us to create something new."

Cowtown ain't so bad: The group is part of a burgeoning Columbus indie rock scene that includes acts such as Twenty One Pilots and the Floorwalkers. "It's been interesting for me coming from Minneapolis which has a great music scene," says Barker. "But I think Columbus is up and coming. I feel like I came here at a cool time when everybody is figuring out how to make the scene the scene of their dreams."

Why you should hear them: The new single "Bang Bang" features falsetto vocals and percolating synthesizers. It sounds a bit like a cross between MGMT and Foster the People. "We did an online release for it," says D'Andrea. "We had a lot of fun doing the video. The EP is three tunes and 'Bang Bang,' and it was done shortly after we did the first EP. One thing that popped out was the big drums. We spent a lot of time listening to the drums on the last two Black Keys' albums to try to get a similar sound."

Where you can hear them:

Where you can see them: Nick D & the Believers perform with the Modern Electric and Jivviden at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 16, at the Grog Shop.

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