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Band of the Week: The Mean Jeans



Meet the Band: Billy Jeans (guitar, vocals), Jeans Wilder (drums, vocals), Junior Jeans (bass)

Dumb Punk: Members of the Portland, Ore.-based band are rather irreverent about their approach. "Mean Jeans are the band Wayne and Garth would have started if they had dropped out of Nuke 'Em High to take on the Ramones," says singer-guitarist Billy Jean. "Since that never happened, we've brewed up our own brand of pogo-pop, a flavor that's dipped in slime and wasted all the time. Live, we thrash through a whirlwind of dumb fun songs about partying with cartoons and tubing the Milky Way."

Maul in the Family: Self-described "party punks," Mean Jeans have teamed up with Kepi Ghoulie for their Maul of America tour. Mean Jeans will play a set of "goofy, raucous punk/pop" and then serve as the backing band for singer Kepi Ghoulie he plays the songs of the Groovie Ghoulies and some of his solo material. "We've backed Kepi playing the songs of Groovie Ghoulies at FEST 12 in Gainesville, Smmr Bmmr in Portland, and a few other select dates around the country," says Jean. "It was really fun the first time we did it and we've done it a few other times."

Why You Should Hear Them: "Anybody Out There" is a Blink-182-like pop-punk number that features a catchy chorus and hiccupping vocals. For the accompanying music video, the band donned spacesuits and pretended to take a trip to another planet. "We've done a bunch of videos, each equally stupid," says Jean. "On the cover of the album that song comes from, we're in a spaceship that's actually a Jagermeister bottle. Most of the songs are about partying and we just wanted to take the outer space themes and depict them in a video. That song is a fantasy song, and we did everything ourselves." With squealing guitar solos, the infectious "Steve Don't Party No More" reveals the band's love for the Ramones. "We're big fans of the Ramones," says Jean. "When we started the band, we were listening to the Ramones — fast, fun pop music that's not boring. That's the approach we take too."

Where You Can Hear Them: facebook/themeanjeans.

Where You Can See Them: Mean Jeans performs with Kepi Ghoulie and Next New Nothings at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 28, at the Euclid Tavern.

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