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Beam Us Up

Meet the dude whose great-granddad perfected bourbon.


Freddie Now, great-grandson of the Jim Beam, talks about his family's history at two Bourbon Barrel Beer Tastings at the Great Lakes Brewing Company tonight. "I saw him sitting at a bar one time — he's a big 300-pound guy," says Pete Jerome, bar manager at Great Lakes. "He was saying, 'My grandpappy did this, and my grandpappy did that.' He's a real character." To mark Now's visit, the brewery taps fresh batches of Blackout Stout and Rackhouse Ale, which have been aged six months in empty Jim Beam barrels with sides soaked in bourbon residue. The result is a whiskey-flavored beer with a whopping 12 percent alcohol content. "We won't serve anyone more than three," says Jerome. "It's three, and thanks for playing."
Mon., Oct. 9, 5:30 & 8 p.m.

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