Best New Brew

Indigo Imp

Everybody loves those inspirational yarns where the little guy beats all odds to find success in a harsh and indifferent world. Matt Chappel is that guy. In a country where craft-beer consumption still tops out at just 4 percent of the market share, Chappel launched a garage brewery poised for greatness. Working on a shoestring budget, the former CAD operator designed and built his small brewery by hand, constructing his brew kettles out of generic stainless tanks. Even more unconventional, the brewer opted for an anachronistic open-fermentation system that blesses each brew with its unmistakable wild-yeast flavor. The naturally carbonated, unfiltered and unpasteurized suds come in three styles: Blonde Bombshell, Jester and Winter Solstice, a seasonal. (3615 Superior Ave., 216.881.0650, — Trattner