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Bedouin Soundclash

With Beat Union. Friday, February 22, at the Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights.



Over the past decade or so, bands have looked to other bands for inspiration. Not in the usual we-play-the-same-music-as-you way; more like we-grabbed-our-name-from-one-of-your-songs. Radiohead's moniker comes from an old Talking Heads tune, Boys Don't Cry lifted its name from the Cure, and the Smiths sang that Pretty Girls Make Graves long before the same-name band borrowed the title. Bedouin Soundclash — a Canadian trio — cribbed its name from an obscure 1996 album by Badawi, a New Yorker born in Israel. But the artists have little in common, other than a shared affinity for dub and reggae. Badawi plays introspective, electronic-based music; Bedouin Soundclash prefers guitar-fueled party tunes. It brings the festivities to town this week.

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