Best Accessible Athlete

Mo Williams, Twitter Personality

Twitter has shrunk the distance between sports fan and the stars they adore, and no Cleveland athlete collapses the fourth wall like Mo Williams. Unlike a certain former teammate, who used his Twitter account for stale-toast inspirational quotes and celeb pics, the Cavs guard's feed is a ticker tape of personal info and insight — the good, the funny, and the ugly. His day-in-the-life updates paint the picture of a regular guy making his way in the world, and more than 70,000 followers tune in. Witness Mo on consumer frustration: "I'm at fed ex n it's 3 people in the store and I'm waitn cause it's only 3 damn workers. All the money they make shouldn't nobody have to wait." Mo on politics: "Man that Mexico stuff is out of control. USA, make sure that don't cross that damn border now." Mo on

Gray's Anatomy: "I don't care how tuff u think u are. Watch 1 show u hooked." And Mo on life's great mysteries: "U ever took a #2 in a public bathroom and when u sit someone comes in rt when u bout to let it go and u know this one will be pretty loud. Lol. Just asking, never happened to me before. Wink."