Best Act

Last Call Cleveland

Comedy in Cleveland is an interesting beast, with very little organization and lots of bad standups repeating material at five or six weekly open mics. That's why smarmy sketch content can be such a breath of fresh air. Last Call Cleveland won this honor last year and they take home the crown again this year. It's four really funny dudes, helmed by the omnipresent Mike Polk, who were YouTube sensations thanks to hits like "Honest R&B Song," "First Semester Spanish Love Song," and of course Polk's seminal "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video." These guys are smart, wacky comics with pedigree and charm. They've been delighting audiences around the country and have even earned rave reviews in Canada! Canada, we say! Their YouTube videos are still a treat on repeat viewings, and their occasional shows at Playhouse Square are a great chance to see their hijinks in a live setting.

Staff Pick: The Laughter League