Best Advocate of Indie Cinema

John Ewing

John Ewing — director of the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque and the town's most knowledgeable film buff — is so dedicated to bringing revivals of classic movies to town, he's called consulates to reserve prints that come to the U.S. for New York showings. The Cinematheque regularly hosts series devoted to the work of masters like Federico Fellini and Jean-Luc Godard, but Ewing — who also books the Cleveland Museum of Art's film series — isn't opposed to screening sci-fi favorites like Alien. He even hosted a classic comedy program over the summer after a patron wrote a note complaining about the Cinematheque schedule's preponderance of dreary foreign films — most of which are quite good, by the way. (11141 East Blvd., 216.421.7450, Niesel