Best Animal-Rights Advocate

J. Jeffrey Holland, Holland & Muirden, Attorneys at Law

For the past 14 years, Holland has been the beasts' best friend. He's the special prosecutor for animal-welfare cases in more than a dozen counties, putting animal abusers behind bars for as long as 190 days. In fact, it was Holland who tightened Ohio's animal-welfare laws just two years ago, when he spearheaded a Senate bill that allowed second-time animal-abusers to be tried as felons. When Akron passed a citywide ordinance that marked stray cats for death, Holland was on the case, representing six Akron animal-lovers in a suit against the city. Although the case was ultimately dismissed, his litigation inspired the formation of an official humane committee, which now reviews the city's treatment of animals. And he practices what he preaches: Holland cares for six dogs, five horses, and a menagerie of fish and birds. He's Dr. Dolittle with a law degree.