Best Bachelorette Party

Howl at the Moon

Tucked into the basement of the Powerhouse on the tamer side of the Flats, Howl at the Moon makes a business of catering to brides-to-be. First, there's the dude at the piano. A regular rotation of skinny guys with wavy hair take the stage every weekend, singing the Elton John or Billy Joel classics. Several times during the evening, the piano man uncorks "Brown-Eyed Girl" while staring into some brunette's eyes. The bar has turned Jell-O shots into an art form with its signature, logo-emblazoned syringes - a keepsake to look at, when you're trapped in a loveless marriage. Bring that suck-for-a-buck thing with you, and you'll actually come out ahead at the end of the night. The cover is $6 after 7 p.m., which is a small price to pay for one last makeout session with some anonymous guy from Twinsburg.