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It used to be that you'd have to hit the right coffee shop at just the right time to enjoy a fresh bagel and a shmear from Cleveland Bagel. Thanks to a little help from LeBron, that's no longer the case. After a starring role last year on King James' reality business show Cleveland Hustles, Cleveland Bagel walked away with a new production facility and retail bagel shop on the border of Ohio City and Detroit Shoreway. Now Clevelanders have a central location from which to grab a dozen of these far-from-uniform boiled-and-baked rings of joy. Do as the New Yorkers do and forego the toaster. Bagels this fresh don't need it. And the shmears? Go savory-sweet with the Bacon Date. Or if you believe that there's no room for sweet at a bagel shop, give the savory Thyme Black Pepper Horseradish a try. You'll never eat a chain bagel again.

4201 Detroit Ave., 216-600-5652,

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