Best Band And Best Male Vocalist

Wesley Bright & the Honeytones

Readers' Choice

Singer Brent "Wesley Bright" Wesley and a different backing band played their first gig a few years ago and quickly became one of Cleveland's favorite live acts, and he's been going strong ever since. Because of its terrific live show — sharp-dressed Wesley is a real dynamo on stage — the soul/old-school R&B band is constantly in high demand. Songs such as "You Don't Care About Me" feature a steady bass beat and soulful, Otis Redding-like vocals, and embody the band's soulful catalog. Last year, Bright reemerged with a new backing outfit, the Honeytones. The band plans to release a series of 45s throughout the year, the first being "You Don't Want Me/Work it Out: Part 2," a cheeky soul pop tune. Don't miss it.