Best Band Name Change


Jake Blazer had turned heads as the leader of 2 Skinny Dorks, a quintet whose rousing alt-rock earned comparisons to Dave Matthews and Sly & the Family Stone. When the band formed at Kent State in 2000, Blazer assumed it would go nowhere. Instead, it became a top-drawing band from Canton to Cleveland, with regular engagements at Lakewood's Around the Corner and Shooters in the Flats. Local gigs became scarcer as the band's territory expanded from Chicago to New York. And as the Dorks' reputation grew, Blazer wisely started to rethink the name. "The name was a silly college spin that stuck," Blazer says. "We felt like the name ÔSkinny' would be a little better-received in a large market. I would rather have an androgynous name that wouldn't distract people from the music that we are creating."