Best Band to Listen to on a Road Trip

Rambler 454

With songs fueled by heartache, Miller High Life, and the thrill of hittin' the highway, Rambler 454 is the sound of the open road - and an open beer. The band's free-range honky-tonk drifts from whiskeyed blues to aching country. The common denominator between the hard-chargin' tunes is a spirited impulsiveness that makes them ideal accompaniment for tearing through the countryside with the windows down. The band's latest, No Name Café, is fun, carefree, and slightly irresponsible - like speeding down I-77 with your radar detector unplugged. Songs like "Working Band" and "Windburn" sound like a DUI waiting to happen, which is all a part of this band's reckless charm. "We play straight-ahead drinking man's rock and roll," Rambler bassist Cooter McCoy told Scene last year. "If you act stupid and make a fool of yourself, you're in the band." Where do we sign up?