Best Band to Smoke a Doobie To

Red Giant

"I got a feeling outer space is right for me," Red Giant singer-guitarist Alex Perekrest wails on his band's most recent album, Devil Child Blues. Indeed, Red Giant is one far-out four-piece, with a rhythm section heavier than the Browns' offensive line and the most heated dual-guitar action of any local band. Nationally known among stoner-rock aficionados for their mind-melting, fuzzed-out guitar interplay, Perekrest and fellow six-stringer Damien Perry let loose with long, elaborate solos that'll alter your senses like the director's cut of Blade Runner. The band's riffs are massive and enveloping - this is full-contact reefer rock, with songs about all manner of stoner fantasia. With three discs of wide-screen rock and roll, these dudes will heighten your buzz like a fresh screen in your bong.