Best Bar Boxing


Annabell's understands that boozing and bruising go hand in hand. But unlike most bars, which employ bouncers to break up the bloodshed, the folks at this Akron hole-in-the-wall embrace the effects of too much Wild Turkey. In fact, they've marketed it. For $5, not including the bar's famously priced $1 pints of Amber Bock, Annabell's patrons can catch Akron girls and boys duking it out in a haphazardly roped-off ring set up just catty-corner to the basement bar. Unfortunately, boxing nights are sporadic. They're often used as quickie fund-raisers for the Akron U. men's and women's rugby teams, whose players can be found clenching PBRs ringside, while their teammates have it out in a few rounds of friendly fisticuffs. The bar provides helmets, mouth guards, and boxing gloves; the bouncer referees. Annabell's unusually buff bartenders (one is a pro female boxer) are also known to participate, sometimes using the ring to settle their beefs. Better tip well!