Best Bar for Hooking Up

Barley House

Cleveland has more single people than just about any city in America, which means a lot of us are looking for love, or simply someone to put down their phone for a second and actually talk to us. And sometimes not even that much. The Barley House, readers say, is ground zero for meeting that special companion. You really can't go wrong by sidling up to the bar and starting with some liquid courage. And the music ain't bad either. You can talk about that and bob along. The West Sixth hot spot draws gaggles of girls and guys, all basically wanting the same thing, and it's easier to do these things in crowds. Someone knows someone who can introduce you, and dinner's right there at the ready if you get paired off. If not, there's probably a DJ set or a bottle service table to keep things moving until everything becomes hazy enough where you somehow appear charming.

1261 West Sixth St., 216-623-1700,

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