Best Bar Patio

Nano Brew

How do you improve what was already one of the best bar patios in town? You go big, naturally. Nano Brew lives in the old Garage Bar site, and the Garage Bar had one of those roomy-but-cozy patios that made you linger. Last year, Sam McNulty & Co. upgraded the already dope spot, which is just one of the many ways Nano Brew has changed over its young life. Now expanded with several levels of downtown-view-tastic seating, Nano Brew's new patio took advantage of the backdoor real estate of the former Black Pig. They also added plenty of custom seating to make the most of the space, whether you're chilling in the main bar patio area or in the section devoted to table dining. It's gigantic, almost always busy, and a helluva great spot on a summer afternoon or evening.

1859 West 25th St., 216-852-6631,