Best Bar to Hook Up With a Hot CSU Student


On Thursday nights, Becky's is more charged than a cell-phone battery. Located half a block from Cleveland State's main campus, Becky's is always packed wall-to-wall with students downing $2 domestic beers and and chowing down on specialty sandwiches. By 11 p.m., it's harder to get a booth here than it is to get an autograph from J.D. Salinger. The music, emanating from a small jukebox in the corner, tends toward '80s faves like Bon Jovi. The atmosphere is chill; lounging by the pool tables, girls in show-all tanks and guys in Abercrombie shirts swig bottles of beer while engaging in long discussions about Aristotle and reality TV. The bartenders, most of whom are CSU students themselves, mingle freely with the crowd. The partyers linger till closing time, when bartenders have to shoo out the patrons. No wonder they keep a supply of No-Doz underneath the cash register.