Best Bar to Test "Your Friend's" Sexuality

Bounce Nightclub

Even for straight guys, Bounce may be more fun than any hetero bar in town. The Friday-night drag shows are off the hook, attracting a mix of straight, gay, and everyone in between, even some bachelorette parties. And this wild combo of drag queens, thumping dance music, and hot, oiled men will help you figure out whether "your friend's" football-helmet collection is just a cover. If, after one night at Bounce, he's carrying a man-purse and watching old Corey Feldman movies, that's a clue. Just don't be too alarmed if you find him cutting the rug with some she-males. "We get everybody," says club manager Phil O'Malley, and everyone plays nicely together. If, however, "your friend" comes back to the club for show-tunes night on Sundays, you can be sure he's gayer than an episode of Designing Women.