Best Bar to Watch Soccer

Parnell's Pub

Whether you're a soccer hooligan, a transplanted European, a World Cup fanatic, or just a casual fan, there is no better place to get your kicks than at Parnell's. This cozy pub -- authentically Irish, thanks to owner Declan, who hails from Dublin -- is a mecca for hard-core football fans seeking live games, knowledgeable drinking companions, and a perfect pint of Guinness. Parnell's stayed open all hours of the night and morning to accommodate fans during the last two World Cups. It features almost nonstop soccer coverage (unless the Tribe, Cavs, or Browns are on). And the pub regularly packs the place for a variety of national and league games. Premier League, Champions League, MLS, England, Ireland, Italy -- doesn't matter. Parnell's has it on tap.