Best Bar to Watch the Tribe


With the arrival of a bona fide social district in the Flats, in the Columbus Road lift bridge area, in the long shadows of the Jake, it's fitting that this west-bank staple has nabbed this year's award away from the likes of Brick & Barrel or Merwin's Wharf.  At Hoopple's, as you gobble a taco or glug a cheap domestic, you're close enough to hear the fireworks and see the stadium's gleaming toothbrush lights, but you're far enough to avoid the rush of downtown traffic. Located at the bottom of Columbus Road Hill, in between Ohio City and the Flats, Hoopple's has the perfect combination of blue-collar regulars, yuppies and hipsters to appeal to just about everybody. Plus, from the patio, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Cuyahoga, even if the home runs are few and far between.

1930 Columbus Rd., 216-575-0483,