Best Bar With Games

Punch Bowl Social

Readers' Choice

It's another Saturday night and you're struggling to find a place to go. Someone wants to go bowling, someone else wants to go to dinner, another friend wants to drink and watch the Tribe, someone else wants to shoot some pool — and you're all sick of going to the same neighborhood watering hole. There's only one place that'll satisfy everyone in the bunch: Punch Bowl. The Flats emporium of fun has it all, from a tasty menu and eclectic craft beer selection to bowling, pool, ping pong, foosball, skee-ball, pinball, shuffleboard and 16-bit arcade machines. Whether it's a random, casual night out on town or the setting for a birthday party or corporate gathering, Punch Bowl has you covered. If you can't find something to enjoy at Punch Bowl, it's your fault, not theirs.

1086 West 11th Street, 216-239-1508,