Best Bar You Can Only Go to One Day a Week

Collision Bend Cafe

A visit to Millie Brady's Collision Bend is like a trip to Grandma's house, if Grandma had a hot dog rotisserie and jukebox stocked with '50s rock. Less of a bar, or even a café — "we don't serve food," the delightful octogenarian says with a smile as she serves up the complimentary snacks (chips, meatball subs, burgers, you name it) — Collision Bend is more like an understated party thrown by Millie every Friday afternoon, open to all who happen to become aware of its endless charms. The Collision Bend (so-named because it sits at a crook in the Cuyahoga that's precarious for passing vessels) can be found a short, gritty stroll from the few nightspots on the Flats' East Bank. The place is open only on Fridays, from about 3 p.m. till "late," as Millie says — "9 p.m. or so." God invented bars so we could take fortifying refuge from the world, and then he invented Millie to make it happen.

1646 Center St., Cleveland, 216-749-6556