Best Barber Shop


A haircut can be just that: a snip and a trim and out the door. Chances are, though, the budget shop you’re now using gets you in and out the door so fast for a reason. It’s shoddy work, a rush job with little attention. When you’re sporting a buzzcut, that’s one thing; when you want your hair to look, well, good, it’s another. Skip the strip mall and head to Cleveland Heights and get your hair done right with the crew at Quintana’s. Alex, the fabulously friendly owner, and Theo and the rest of the team will leave you looking sharp and sporting the kind of cut that’ll have strangers dishing out compliments. And this ain’t no regular barbershop, in case you hadn’t gathered that already. Head upstairs to the speakeasy for a drink after or before because, yes, Quintana’s built a damn fine cocktail lounge upstairs, hidden behind a bookshelf.

2200 South Taylor Rd., Cleveland Hts., 216-421-8380,