Best Bargain Manicure

Liz Nails

At Liz Nails, the manicurists sit lined up in a row, their tables wedged next to each other like factory workers. The setup befits both the efficiency and proficiency of the nail artists. Customers can choose from a wall full of colors, from "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" to a pomegranate "Belize It or Not." The nail artists are mathematically exact in their filings, making perfect moon-shaped or square nails. Their hands are both gentle and firm, as they massage strawberry-flavored lotion around your wrists, arms, and palms. They deftly and carefully apply two coats of polish before sending you over to the heater, conveniently situated next to a wide-screen TV. The nails cost $16. You'll walk away looking -- and feeling -- worth a lot more.