Best Bartender

John Bernard at Porco

Readers' Choice

If you've been to Porco, the enchanting and irresistible tiki lounge in a nondescript building on a nondescript stretch of West 25th, then chances are your memory of the experience might be a little foggy. Porco-ed is a term for a reason. But what little you do recall, besides the absolutely powerful and delicious tropical drinks or transported-to-an-island atmosphere, probably includes fond memories of the crack bartending staff mixing up Mai Tais, Painkillers and Zombies. Chances are damn good if you've been once (or twice, or five times ... you really can't remember at this point) John Bernard has served you at least one drink (or was it two?). As talented as he is kind, Bernard's been behind the bar for more than three years now as Porco has grown and matured through slight renovations and the addition of Polpetta, which is dishing up meatballs out of the kitchen. Not much else has changed, or needed to, and that includes Bernard's continued employ as Cleveland's best bartender.

2527 West 25th St., 216-802-9222,