Best Bartenders

Anthony, Mercury Lounge,
and Ursula, Garage Bar

Anthony (pictured) can catch a tumbling tumbler behind his back with one hand, flip a bottle, and pour with the other, but these effects happen in such a blur that they almost seem to accelerate his service. He spins the cocktail napkins before setting the drink, and if you reach for a cigarette, by the time it reaches your lips, he'll have his lighter at the ready. You can say to him, "Give me your best shot," and he'll invent something short and sweet on the spot. At Garage Bar, Ursula delivers substance with style. The statuesque bartender has diva presence with none of the diva attitude. If you're a frequent flier, she'll learn your name, flash a welcoming smile when you walk in the door, and have your favorite drink on the bar before you can pull out a stool.