Best Beer-Battered Shrimp

Nauti Mermaid

Nothing beats savoring a basket of fried shrimp in a cool, dim corner of the neighborhood watering hole. So we were thrilled to discover that the Nauti Mermaid has raised this simple pleasure to a whole new level, with a fine selection of imported and micro-brewed beers and gourmet-quality deep-fried shrimp. Among the beers, draft offerings include Killian's, Bass, and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, while bottled choices range from Corona and Dos Equis to Chimay, Blue Moon, and Stella Artois. As for the shellfish, the Mermaid's black tiger shrimp fills the bill swimmingly. Cosseted inside a thick, freshly made beer batter and fried to crunchy perfection, these bad boys taste sweeter and fresher than we thought possible.