Best Beer Selection

The Winking Lizard

Let's be real: The best part of world travel is sampling each nation's brew. So leave your passport at home, and slither over to the Winking Lizard. The tour begins in Europe: Visit Belgium for Krullekop Tripel, England for a pint of Boddingtons, and Ireland for some Molings Red Ale. Swing up to Norway for a swig of Aass Bock -- which tastes much better than it sounds -- and cruise to Germany for Celebrator Doppelbock. Hop a continent to land in Japan's own Kirin Ichiban, then dip down under for that Australian staple, Foster's, in the fat 25.4-ounce can. Finally, celebrate your arrival back home with a big bottle of Stone Arrogant Bastard or with the familiar taste of Cleveland's own Great Lakes. You're in for a wicked hangover, but it still beats the hell out of jet lag.