Best Beer You Make Yourself

The Brew Kettle

It's one thing when a microbrewery offers a wide selection of tasty beer; it's quite another when it all but hands you the keys to the place. That's the feeling you'll get at the Brew Kettle, where you're invited to craft your own brews, selecting from a beer menu of more than 60 varieties, everything from dainty pilseners to deadly porters. Brewmaster Chris McKim - who's won more medals than Jesse Owens - helps mix your ingredients in the kettle, then transfer the mixture to a fermenter. Return two weeks later, and you're greeted by chilled, filtered beer that's ready for bottling. Each batch costs $90 to $110, with a guaranteed yield of at least 72 - seventy-two! - 22-ounce bottles. (That's 132 standard 12-ouncers, at well under a buck apiece.) Care for a taste test before you commit? The bar features 24 exotic drafts, a half-dozen of which are the Brew Kettle's own concoctions. Best bet: Stop in on Sunday, when pitchers go for five bucks.