Best Beer

Burning River Pale Ale

As microbrews in Cleveland go, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold is the franchise quarterback. It's the one that dominates the mini-mart beer cooler, the one that's flowing from taps all over town -- the beer you're inevitably referring to when you say, "I'll have a Great Lakes." Hey, we're all for local beers that aspire to world domination. Thing is, Dortmunder's not even the best beer Great Lakes makes: That honor goes to the Burning River Pale Ale. Its label tells us it's citrusy and fruity, but this ain't no sports drink -- it's an explosively flavorful, easy-sipping brew that's a perfect fit for any season and virtually all palates. And if you're thinking it'd be great at your next Browns party, well then, yes, Burning River is a fabulous sports drink.