Best Bet for Feeling Trendy


Sure, we know that by the time we become regulars in a place, the serious hipsters have already moved on. But that doesn't stop us from feeling très cool each time we pull up a tall, handsome leather sling chair to Zibibbo's sinuous blue-pearl granite bar or slip into a colorful booth inside Circo. Here, among the fiber-optic panels, brushed aluminum artwork, and sunflower-like floor lamps, is where the lithe young things in black leather pants come to toss their long blond hair. This is where we spotted the studly drivers from this summer's Grand Prix taking their personal victory laps, and where nearly everyone looks as if they might possibly have their own TV show on the drawing board. Whether it's cocktails and jazz in the bar, or Executive Chef Matt Gambatese's fine food in the dining room, an evening at Circo/Zibibbo is as cool as it gets in our city.