Best Bites for Bikers

The Harley Diner

When Debbie Meyers first brought a vintage dining car into her family's motorcycle shop, she was just looking for a way to keep anxious bike owners from pestering the service staff while their cycles were being repaired. Those initial cups of coffee, intended to soothe her customers' nerves, soon grew into a large menu of tasty, reasonably priced sirloin burgers, soups, salads, and sandwiches, served by a gang of friendly staffers. Today, the 1946 Worcester Dining Car looks every bit its age, but with its gently worn marble countertops, black-and-white mosaic-tiled floor, and colorful neon, it remains a nostalgic charmer. Whether you're a hungry road warrior or his Walter Mitty doppelgänger, the Harley Diner is a blast.