Best Bowling Alley

Moran's Tavern/Elyria Bowling Center

There's something about Moran's that makes it worth the trip out west. Perhaps it's the old-school factor: This isn't some 62-lane bowl-o-plex family fun center with a 127-foot IMAX theater in the back. There are no disco balls, no rock-n-bowl -- just eight lanes and a healthy respect for the integral relationship a certain malted beverage has with the game. Add to that the fact the building is giving way to a library expansion in a couple of years, and a trip to the old alley takes on a new sense of urgency. Strangely charming Moran's might rightfully be called an Irish tavern that just happens to have bowling lanes, one that serves up a 22-ounce Killian's for, yes, $2. Ahh, bowling as it was meant to be.