Best Breakfast

Juniper Grille

Waking up sucks, but breakfast at downtown's Juniper Grille goes a long way toward easing the pain. Whether you're on your way to the cube farm, classes, or a day of seeing the sights, this casually sophisticated dining room makes the perfect prelude, with its urbane decor, speedy service, and broad selection of breakfast fare. Eye-opening options range from turkey bacon and oatmeal to eggs Benedict and a lean, luscious version of corned-beef hash, as well as freshly squeezed OJ and oversized mugs of smooth, rich java. Personally, we're partial to the pancakes, so light and delicate they practically hover above the plate, despite their ballast of toasted pecans or juicy mixed berries. They may not be enough to make us actually want to seize the day, but at least we'll be able to look it in the eye.