Best Broadcasters

Dee Perry and Dan Moulthrop

Dee Perry, host of the daily Around Noon show aired from noon-1 p.m. on public radio outlet WCPN, gives a forum to musicians, composers, choreographers, actors, directors, filmmakers, artists, designers, architects, curators, authors, poets and others to expound on their passions. Along with reporters David C. Barnett and Dan Polletta, she offers thoughtful, unrushed, respectful conversations with creative people that extend far beyond, "What pieces will you be performing?" Dan Moulthrop hosts the smartest hour of news on the Cleveland airwaves, The Sound of Ideas (Monday through Thursday, 9-10 a.m.). Whatever the topic, Moulthrop is always at least as prepared as his guests (often more), and his agility with probing follow-up questions reminds us of public-radio big-leagues star Terry Gross. ( — Pantsios & Lewis