Best Buffet

BD's Mongolian Barbecue

In Vegas, "buffet" is code for "heaping piles of week-old sludge." But BD's restores faith in the all-you-can-eat concept by limiting its offerings to stir-fry dishes and making 'em while you watch. Along with a dizzying variety of meats (sirloin, lamb, pork, chicken) and seafood (crayfish, calamari, mussels, shrimp), there's a tongue-tingling array of veggies, sauces, and spices. Throw it all together and hand it over to the chefs who man the large circular grill that serves as the eatery's centerpiece. The music they make -- wielding long metal sticks to chop and flip your victuals, they create a culinary symphony of clinks, clanks, and clatters -- is worth the $12.99 price alone. Better still, you can keep going back to hear them play it again and again and again.