Best Buffet

Horseshoe Casino

By definition, a buffet is an accident waiting to happen. It goes against all that we've come to expect — nay, demand — from our beloved restaurants. Diners must go to the food, as opposed to the other way around. That food is ready and waiting instead of being cooked to order. Rather than whittle down our meal choices to just one or two select items, we get to say, "I'll have one of everything, please!" And what's with all that standing? So, yes, we were pleasantly taken aback to find a wonderful buffet in the basement of the Horseshoe Casino. Various stations offer up a continuous supply of freshly prepared American, Italian and Asian dishes. Prime rib and turkey are carved to order. The dessert section is awash in pie, cakes, cupcakes and build-your-own sundaes. And the dining room is far less depressing than an Old Country Buffet.

100 Public Sq., 216-297-4777,

Staff Pick: Indian Flame