Best Burger/ Best Fries

B Spot

As with pizza, everybody's got a personal favorite burger. Some like their burgers thin, greasy and cooked on a griddle; others like 'em fat, bloody and charred over an open flame. Truth is, it's damn near impossible to please everybody, but B Spot has come the closest. They start with great beef, naturally, a custom blend with the right beef-to-fat ratio. The patties are just the right size too, somewhere between thin and wispy and chubby and dense. When done — and done right, meaning pink and juicy mid-rare — they are tucked into toasted soft rolls, topped with — god bless them — more meat, and served with rosemary scented fries as thin as angel's hair. Burger, fries, maybe a beer... B Spot succeeds where many have failed because they keep things blessedly simple.

Multiple locations,

Staff Pick (Burger): B Spot

Staff Pick (Fries): Greenhouse Tavern