Best Celebration of a Vegetable

North Ridgeville Corn Festival

This annual fave (which takes place the second week in August) is loaded to bursting with all the summer-fair fun you could hope for: carnival rides, cover bands, games where the top prize is a SpongeBob plush with one messed-up eye. Of course, the real draw here is the food. You'll find a funland of fried everything, yet it's the fest's star vegetable that gets the royal treatment. Among the lineup of popcorns and even candy corns, the biggest thrill comes from North Ridgeville's golden bounty gobbled straight off the cob. Some vendors grill it in the husk, some shuck it and serve it on a stick smothered in butter. No matter how you prefer it, North Ridgeville sweet corn is the ultimate taste of Northeast Ohio summer. Best of all, unlike many county-size fairs, this one won't cost you a penny for admission. Which leaves you plenty of cash to spend on, y'know, corn.

Off State Route 83, North Ridgeville, 440-218-9802,