Best Celebration of a Veggie

North Ridgeville Corn Festival

Every August, North Ridgeville pays tribute to area farmers' bountiful crops with a four-day bash that looks like a 'roided-up small-town carnival. There are tons of rides, midway games, and globe-spanning eats -- everything from Italian sausage to Slavic pierogi. But it's sweet yellow corn, in all its edible glory, that takes center stage at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival. Look for it in popcorn, as corn dogs, and of course, on the cob -- which is typically dipped in a pitcher of melted butter before it's served. Add a strolling trio of vaguely corny-looking mascots, continuous live music, and local vendors handing out swag-stuffed goodie bags, and you've got one a-maize-ing summertime fest. (Sorry, that was corny.) (OK, we're done now.)