Best Cheap Haircut

Allstate Hairstyling & Barber College

Hairstyling is one of life's costlier necessities — routine maintenance you can't do without unless you're willing to settle for Flowbee results. Happily for the rest of us, Allstate Hairstyling & Barber College serves up haircuts and fades by barbers and stylists-in-training for the ridiculously low price of $4. An Ohio City institution founded in 1961, Allstate also offers hot lather shaves, perms, relaxers, beard and mustache trims, and hair coloring — and all at equally egalitarian rates. The place can't be matched for pure retro appeal: red and white canopies outside, 27 shiny red-and-chrome barber chairs inside, a diverse clientele, and no shortage of interesting conversation. Want to go really old-school? Get a hot-lather shave — they're free every Tuesday. Consider it your contribution to somebody's budding barber career.

2546 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, 216-241-6684,