Best Cheesecake

Corky and Lenny's

There's plenty to love about this venerable Jewish deli, from its fat garlic pickles to its fizzy chocolate phosphates. But when it comes to New York-style cheesecake, Corky and Lenny's rules. Staffers bake upwards of 20 of the behemoth beauties each day, filling the graham-cracker-crumb bottoms with pounds of cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, and eggs, all as instructed in co-founder Corky Kurland's secret recipe -- a document that dates back at least 40 years. The result is a synergy of pure and simple flavors -- not too heavy, not too sweet, but incredibly rich and creamy. The cheesecake is so good, in fact, that displaced Clevelanders from all over the country order it by mail. And to think, all you have to do is drive to Woodmere.

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