Best Chef

Zack Bruell

We’re sure there are activities at which Zack Bruell does not excel. Maybe it’s watercolor painting, perhaps it’s deep-sea fishing, or even organic vegetable gardening. What he does not suck at, we are certain, is cheffing. With a consistency that rivals an atomic clock, Bruell opens new restaurants, in diverse neighborhoods, built around novel concepts. While it’s no simple task to open multiple units of the same format, it is another thing entirely to successfully concoct, manage and maintain a portfolio of culinarily diverse operations. Bruell is fast approaching a dozen such inventions, each one of them an amusement park of deliciousness that adds a spark to the community it calls home. In a highly competitive industry where demand greatly outstrips supply, Bruell cultivates an ever-growing stable of talent which supports his empire and enriches the regional dining scene.