Best Chocolate or Candy Shop


CHOC: You know it, you love it. The irresistible chocolate offerings from Malley's have been happily devoured by Clevelanders for eons and for every occasion. In fact, you probably just gulped down a bunch of their sweets at Easter. Nothing saves a bad day or seduces a sweet tooth quite like Malley's, and if chocolate can be poured over something — pretzels, coffee beans, strawberries, peanut butter, nuts – Malley's is doing just that. Mother's Day? Valentine's Day? Birthdays? Christmas? Just some random ol' Tuesday? Malley's is there for you. Pick up a box of assorted chocolates for that special someone or a collection of unique creations and you'll be well on your way to their hearts. Or simply stop by and graze with a milkshake in hand. After all, some things you just gotta do yourself.

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Staff Pick: Malley's