Best Classic-Rock Radio Station

WNCX-FM 98.5

Talk to any disc jockey for more than three minutes, and there's a 70 percent chance he'll use this phrase: "Cleveland is a classic-rock town." And no local radio station plays a purer mix of classic rock than WNCX 98.5. No Green Day. No mandatory Metallica. No stepdad-rock. Just the same favorites you (or your dad) were listening to in 1985. In addition to a steady flow of Zeppelin and Floyd, 'NCX digs deep into its vault, regularly throwing a bone to Todd Rundgren fans or dusting off obscure tunes like late-era Deep Purple (Perfect Strangers might be the best reunion album ever). And while maybe we don't need to hear "Train Kept A-Rollin'" six times a day, if it keeps Nickelback out of the rotation, bring it on.