Best Cleveland Radio Host You Can't Hear in Cleveland

Chuck Booms

Ahhh, that voice. At first listen, you want to kill Chuck Booms, to actually thrust your fist through the radio, grab him by the throat, and shake that piercing, whiny little tone out of the bastard's voice. But then an odd thing happens. You listen, and you realize his show, Kiley and Booms, works. Indeed, it succeeds in a way that no locally produced yap-fest ever does. At times it's fast and smart, at times idiotic and irresistible. It turns out that Booms -- a touring comedian who does the show from Independence while Kiley sits in Washington -- is damn funny. There's just one problem: The show is heard each weekday on WTOU 1350, an AM station out of Akron that is seemingly powered by a hamster and treadmill. Says Booms: "I don't think you can get reception in the station's parking lot." Such is the state of Cleveland radio that the best local talent can barely be heard here.